13 Januari 2009

( Free Download ) Guitar Lesson & Trick ... part.1

Today , i wanna try to share my favourite guitar lesson by Paul Gilbert.You can download it via 4shared. I hope this video will be useful to build your guitar technique.

Guitar lesson by Paul Gilbert (Mp4 video format)

Paul Brandon Gilbert (born November 6, 1966 in Illinois, United States of America) is an American guitarist best known for his work with Racer X, Mr. Big, and his more recent instrumental albums. He also joined Joe Satriani and John Petrucci on the 2007 G3 tour.

Paul Gilbert String Skipping
String skipping is a method of achieving a guitar sound that is different from more traditional solo riff styles. In more traditional styles, the guitarist will often play several notes on one string, then move to the adjacent one, noodling on the fretboard in a melodically linear manner. In string skipping (as the name implies), a string is often skipped during the riff. Essentially, this technique is used to introduce larger intervals than are usually uncommon in guitar melodies, thereby creating melodic interest.




video file download(right-click on video url and choose open link in new tab,then click download button )

Paul Gilbert Lesson (Taken from Young Guitar Magazine)
This video has taken from Young Guitar magazine.Please enjoy it.

PG-Young guitar 1.mp4

PG-Young guitar 2.mp4

PG-Young guitar 3.mp4

PG-Young guitar 4.mp4

To Be Continued ... (with another Paul Gilbert lesson)

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